A Tiger in the Land of Dreams (light wear) - Tiger Tateishi

50 Watts Books

$16.95 $21.95

A Tiger in the Land of Dreams by Tiger Tateishi, published by 50 Watts Books in 2022 / I found a box of dinged copies which I am offering for sale at a discount. These copies have bumps to the hardback boards and/or corners. They are otherwise new and unread first edition copies. See the main listing here.]


A Tiger in the Land of Dreams is the first English-language edition of a legendary picture book from 1984. Tiger Tateishi, well-known in the worlds of art and comics, takes us on a journey through a surreal land with Torakichi, a constantly-morphing green tiger. The artist saw this strange tiger as a combination of an animal and a plant. Suitable for all ages, but this is the type of book you buy for the dreamy artwork.


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