C'est comme ça

Jiro Ishikawa


C'est comme ça by Jiro Ishikawa, a French version published by Éditions Matière (text in French) / ISBN 9782916383538 / a 168-page paperback, about 6 x 8.25 inches

A super insane collection by this strange Japanese artist (who also did books with Le Dernier Cri). The cover is a good indication of what you are getting.


Google translation of the description: "It is like this: the society described in these nine short stories by Jirô Ishikawa is placed under the sign of the phallus-king, of the sexual drive, of narcissism, of libidinous obsession. It is the society of pleasure-seekers, of neurotic content, the society of the heads of knots. With an elegant line capable of marrying all registers, from the minimal to the psychedelic through the codes of the gekiga, Jirô Ishikawa, virtuoso mangaka and outcast, describes this world as he sees it, as he dreams it or, more surely, fears it. Almost unknown in his country, Ishikawa is the decadent, delirious, out of phase author that no one dared to expect."

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