Imiri Sakabashira - 2023 Letterpress Print set 1 (red envelope)

Imiri Sakabashira


A set of five letterpress prints (6 x 8.25 inches) by Imiri Sakabashira, printed by the Trancepop Gallery in Japan. They come in a red envelope and are printed on heavy cardstock. 

Sold out but the prints may be available separately.

There is light wear to the envelopes from inbound shipping.

Yuji at Trancepop tells me the prints in both sets originate from a long-gone 2019 book which I have never seen. He said the letterpress method allowed them to print with more detail, and that a hundred copies of each set were printed.

Born in 1964, Imiri Sakabashira is part of the Japanese underground generation centering around publications like Garo and AX. His work has been exhibited in the Trancepop Gallery in Kyoto and the Billiken Gallery in Tokyo.

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