Naked Body - An Anthology of Chinese Comics

Paradise Systems


Naked Body: An Anthology of Chinese Comics / ISBN 9780998905099 / 116-page paperback, 6.75 x 9 inches, printed color offset, published by Paradise Systems


Naked Body 裸体 is an independent comics anthology featuring some of the most active members of the mainland China comics community. Edited by Yan Cong, the only requirement for comics in the anthology was that all of the main characters be naked. The resulting book is over 100 pages of playful, intimate, and loopy comics, with a focus on outstanding illustration.

"Naked Body opens up a hidden world that not many of us in America actually knows exists." - Comics Beat

"Naked Body is a highly enjoyable and intriguing anthology... Let’s give Paradise Systems a round of applause and hope they’ll consider an encore." - The Comics Journal.

"Nudity in the anthology inevitably works as a metaphor for all the things that the forces of repression frown upon: sex, silliness, irreverence, thinking about the the world in a different way." - The Guardian

Featured artists: Zuo Ma 左马 / Yan Cong 烟囱 / Inkee Wang 王颖琦 / Wang XX 王XX / Sadan 撒旦君 / Leng Wenzhi 冷志文 / Zhai Yanjun 翟砚军 / Tianxing Wan 青正 / Hanada 花天 / Shuran 舒然 / Yuwei Gong 宫煜伟 (SM) / Zhao Xin 赵欣 / Ryan Xie 谢恺宸 / Tao Benyuan 淘本圆 / Zuo Xin 左新 / Madame Aveugle & Lingnan Rose 盲公夫人 & 岭南玫瑰 / Shijie Hai 海世杰 / Wang Hang 王航

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