50 Watts Books address

50 Watts is a bookstore with a focus on visually-striking and unusual books from around the world -- incredible art books and artists’ books, surreal picture books, graphic design icons, underground comics, risograph zines, Writers No One Reads, deep backlist finds, odd vintage arcana, and funky gift books, prints, and ephemera. Expect to find lots of publications from Japan and Europe.

50 Watts also publishes books and zines (which you might stumble upon in the real world) and imports a handful of books to distribute to other stores. At the moment I consider myself 90% bookseller and 10% publisher, though that might change as the 50 Watts titles multiply. Someday I hope to have a storefront or warehouse or office space you can visit.

Thank you to my customers from around the world who support this strange beast!

--Will @ 50 Watts (aka Will Schofield)


About taxes: If you order directly from 50wattsbooks.com, state and local taxes are added to orders within Pennsylvania. As of August 2023, if you checkout directly on Facebook or Instagram, Meta collects and remits taxes for most states (Meta is acting as a "marketplace facilitator").


Disorganized FAQ

“How do I reach you?”: Contact 50wattsbooks [at] gmail.com

“Where, when, how do you ship books?” Here is an overload of information about shipping.

“Can I stock 50 Watts publications at my own shop?” Yes! (And I give a good discount.) Contact 50wattsbooks [at] gmail.com and I will send a complete wholesale list.

“Can I pick up my books in person?” Probably, but please email me before placing an order with your desired pick-up time (best times for me are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 2pm to 5pm). If you are in the area of Mount Airy (Philly) I can likely deliver your order for free.

“Can you include a gift message in this order?” Yes, during checkout, if you don't see the little box to add a message (it might disappear depending on your payment method), email me.

“Isn't 50 Watts a blog?” 50 Watts is also the name of my weird image blog (born 2007), which still exists though I now mostly post to social media rather than to 50watts.com.

“Why is it called 50 Watts?”: In 2011 a friend begged me to change the original name of my blog, A Journey Round My Skull (a name I borrowed from this book). They gave a random list of suggestions and I picked one and here we are.

“Will you publish my book?” Probably not because I only have the time & resources to work on dream projects.

“Will you stock my book?” Maybe, though I have limited space & resources. When contacting, let me know the retail/wholesale price & shipping options, dimensions, etc.

“Who designed your little book creature logo?” Jacob Covey of Unflown.

“When did you open?” The bookstore went live in March 2021 and the first 50 Watts titles were released in summer 2022. I had been planning for 21 years.