50 Watts Books address


50 Watts Books is an online bookstore and small press with a focus on visually-striking and unusual books from around the world. It opened in March 2021 and is owned and operated by Will Schofield, the bibliomaniac behind 50 Watts, a long-running blog about forgotten art and books.

Like the website, the store features strange and wonderful international books -- graphic design icons, odd vintage arcana, surrealism, underground comics, obscure literature, and funky gift books, prints, and ephemera. Expect to find lots of publications from Japan and Europe.

We have many illustrated book reprints and new projects in development.

From Will: This little business would not be possible without the help of a vast network of people, starting with my husband, Ian, who talks through everything with me and helps me all the time. I rely on the expertise of countless friends, sales reps, designers, translators, delivery people, collectors, and booksellers (and my accountant). I'm in awe of the publishers who make all these books -- which I know take a ton of work, money, and nerve -- and the artists and writers who dream them. And thank you to my customers from around the world who support this strange beast.

The incredible Jacob Covey of Unflown designed the logo.


State and local taxes are added to orders within Pennsylvania.

Information about shipping.

Contact will [at] 50wattsbooks.com.