Came to Call Mine

by: Graham Lambkin

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Came to Call Mine by Graham Lambkin / ISBN 7697919090159 / a large paperback from Penultimate Press

I've been featuring Graham's work since the days of A Journey Round My Skull, so I'm glad to stock this favorite of his books.


Came to Call Mine is an extensive full-color art book by visionary musician, artist, and writer Graham Lambkin. Playing out like a children's book for adults, Came to Call Mine features 50 hand-drawn illustrations coupled with simplistic corresponding texts. Lambkin's mischievous combination of figurative and abstract elements lends Came to Call Mine a jarring, dreamlike quality, confusing the eye by placing innocent childlike totems against a darker adult undercurrent. The accompanying CD presents an 18-minute composition, "C05," which draws from the texts and themes of Came to Call Mine, presenting a strange lattice of fragmented narration and juvenile musical vision. Came to Call Mine is released as a deluxe softcover book designed by Maja Larsson, with lithograph printing on Munken pure rough, lynx, and polar paper stock in an edition of 400 copies.