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ZigZag by Julie Paschkis / ISBN 9781592704026 / 44-page hardcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, published in 2023 by Enchanted Lion Books


Help ZigZag the alligator get his vowels back in this playful picture book from beloved author-illustrator Julie Paschkis!

There's nothing ZigZag enjoys more than tasting his words as he uses them, plays with them, and enjoys them, for ZigZag is a lover of words! But one day, excited and energized, he gulps down all his vowels while exploring and enjoying the word “tambourine.” Without A, E, I, O, and U, ZigZag's life is turned upside-down: no more lovely tambourines, only tasteless and dull tmbrns; no more tart green apples, only disappointing ppls. Poor ZigZag can't even get any sleep in his comfy, cozy bed, which is now a too short bd. But vowels are all around ZigZag, from his grandmother's satisfied “Aaahs” to his best friend Beanie's amazed “Ooohs.” Can you help ZigZag find his vowels again?

This is a wonderful romp through language that reminds readers to taste their words, even at the risk of swallowing them—for how else to know if they are sweet or bitter; salty, crunchy, or smooth?

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