Animas Report - Susumu Mukai



Animas Report by Susumu Mukai (includes a separate little zine called "Supplement Animas Report: Fragments") / ISBN 9783905999471 / 16-pages, b/w offset, 7.75 x 10 inches / first edition from 2013, published by Nieves in Switzerland. Out of print book, one copy available.


The Animas Report series is about drawings left by a team of missing adventurers. These drawings record their encounter with what appears to be a civilization of beings in possession of advanced sciences of unknown kind. In a world reminiscent of Carboniferous period Earth 300 million years ago, how the creators of these documents arrived there, and their fate remain mystery.

Susumu Mukai is a London based artist and musician who is the creator of the music project Zongamin.

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