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Arm in Arm by Remy Charlip / ISBN 9781681373737 / 40-page hardcover reprint from New York Review Children's Collection


A New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Book of the Year.

In Arm in Arm, Remy Charlip, the great children’s book author and illustrator, is at his most playful, his zaniest, funniest, and cleverest. He rewrites the rules of riddles, tongue twisters, puns, and performance-based play, or rather, throws all rules out the window. Some pages require turning the book completely around, 360 degrees. A magnifying glass may also be useful. It is a book for kids of all ages.

Remy Charlip (1929–2012) was an artist, writer, choreographer, theater director, teacher, and the author of twenty-nine children’s books. He attended Cooper Union, created a style of choreography called Air Mail Dances, and was a founding member of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Charlip was the recipient of three New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year citations and was awarded a six-month residency in Kyoto, Japan, from the Japan–U.S. Arts Commission. The New York Review Children’s Collection publishes Thirteen, which Charlip wrote and illustrated with Jerry Joyner.

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