What Goes Around Comes Around - Richard McGuire

Corraini Editions


What Goes Around Comes Around by Richard McGuire / ISBN 9788875703448 / English-language edition published by Corraini Editions in Italy (who make all the Munari picture books and much else) / 36-page hardback, 9 x 9 inches


Everything we do has consequences – even the smallest and seemingly most insignificant thing. This means that, for example, if you ever have the bright idea of throwing your little sister’s doll out of the window of a tall building, even if it’s just for a laugh, you’d better be prepared to face the music! The doll in question might ricochet off the street on to a box heading out to sea where a bird might snap it up just before letting out a cry that wakes a monkey that knocks the elbow of a woman about to fire an arrow that startles a camel into kicking a basket... The doll is at the heart of a series of events involving a hot air balloon, whales, mysterious rain dances and lightning-conductor umbrellas. Before we know it though our little doll drops off the wing of a plane and bounces back through the bedroom window she came from in the first place, knocking the culprit smartly on the head! What goes around comes around!

In What Goes Around Comes Around Richard McGuire’s stylish graphics illustrate an entertaining tale with a message: that we never know where chance will lead us or how events in our daily lives may unknowingly result from a surprising combination of circumstances.

Richard McGuire (born 1957) is an illustrator, graphic designer, comic book artist, animator, children's book author, musician and toy designer. His illustrations have been published in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Le Monde, and other publications. He is a founding member and bassist for the band Liquid Liquid.

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