Mapping the Heavens - Peter Whitfield

British Library


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Mapping the Heavens by Peter Whitfield / ISBN 9780712352659 / an attractive 192-page paperback with flaps, 8.5 x 11 inches, published by the British Library


Throughout history people have sought ways in which to map the heavens. From the sources of mathematics and mythology sprang the classic star chart, the finest examples of which are both scientific documents and works of art.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Peter Whitfield reveals some of the ways in which the structure of the universe has been conceived, explained and depicted.

With examples ranging from the Stone Age to the Space Age – ancient observatories, the angelic visions of Dante, images from the Copernican revolution, the rationalized heavens of Isaac Newton, and modern deep space technology – Whitfield offers a challenging exploration of the tension between rigorous scientific knowledge and the continuing search for cause, certainty and harmony in the universe.

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