Zelek - In the Letter Wonderland

Malgorzata Bartosik


Bronislaw Zelek - In the Letter Wonderland by Małgorzata Bartosik / 255-page paperback with flaps, 6.5 x 9.5 inches / text is bilingual Polish and English.

Restocked this excellent publication from Poland 


A labor of love by Małgorzata Bartosik, a collection featuring the work of her design hero Bronislaw Zelek. She writes, "When I saw his Birds movie poster for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled. I soon discovered that Zelek designed not only posters, but also typefaces, used by designers around the world since the 70s. When I visited Zelek’s studio in Lower Austria, I discovered that he experimented with lettering in paintings as well . . . Throughout his 60-year career, Bronislaw Zelek 'could not free himself from the enchanted land of letters' -- hence the title of the book. My great passion for typography and the artist's professional achievements became the inspiration for the publication."

About Zelek:

--he designed more than 100 posters

--he was the first designer in Poland who use an airbrush in projects, he constructed it himself

--he is the author of probably the most expensive poster in the history of the People's Republic of Poland

--in the 60s the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw sent him to Cuba

--his typeface New Zelek is the most famous Polish typeface of the pre-digital era 

--his poster designs appeared in Junya Watanabe's collection for Comme des Garçons fashion house

--his poster for The Birds is in the collection of MoMA, 

as one of the few Polish posters

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