Cat's Meow - Chiaki Sakamoto

Japanese Publication


Cat's Meow by Chiaki Sakamoto / a little artist-made picture book from Japan, signed on the endpaper / 6 x 6 inch paperback with flaps, 20 pages / these copies come with an English translation by Ottilia Tanaka which was approved by the author / the translation is printed on a little folded piece of paper along with a description of the technique used to make the artwork


This book is told in the voice of a cat: 'Hey, I’ve woken up. I’m not sleepy at all. Play with me. If you don’t...I’ll take all your favorite things and rip them to shreds... I’ll help myself to the cat food,' etc. It ends with the poignant words, ‘Listen to my heartbeat. I know you can hear it. My time will come much sooner than yours. So please, wake up.’"

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