Panga-Rehe Stories

Juri Arrak

Panga-Rehe Stories, text and illustrations by Jüri Arrak, translated by Adam Cullen / ISBN 9781957625034 / 24-page illustrated book, 8 x 9.5 inches, saddle-stitched, offset color printing / Forthcoming in late 2022 from 50 Watts Books


The first English-language edition of a surreal 1975 book by the Estonian artist Jüri Arrak. 

“The Shutter-Closer had a strange appearance, somewhat human-like, somewhat animal-like, but neither when put together. She was yellow and tall, her head almost brushing the eaves. And what a strange wavy shape her body made! I wasn’t afraid at all, but sputtered in laughter. The Shutter-Closer stopped, turned her head to look at me, and stared for a very, very long time with bright red eyes.”--from Panga-Rehe Stories

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