Roven issue 16 - Monsters



Roven #16 – special issue on the monsters of drawing / ISBN 9782918450399 / 8.25 x 10.25 inch paperback with flaps, 128 pages / text is in French but it is fully illustrated with many 50 Watts favorites, including work by Chloe Poizat and Frédéric Fleury and Destroy All Monsters, and even Hugo's strange drawings and one by Unica Zurn.


The 16th issue of the annual critical review on contemporary drawing is dedicated to monsters and the monstrous.

Featuring: monstrosity and the return of the repressed in American drawing by Camille Viéville; Serigne Ibrahima Dieye by Joana P. R. Neves; interview with Elmar Trenkwalder by Alexandre Leger; Poetics of uncertainty by Martial Guédron; interview with Liv Schulman by Camille Videcoq; interview with Jérôme Zonder by J. Emil Sennewald; portfolios: Frédéric Fleury, Chloé Poizat, Tony Lewis, Fred Deux; Florentine & Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize, José Manuel Egea, Caroline Achaintre, Karine Rougier, Vincent Bizien, Serin Moon, Boris Kurdi, Elly Strik, Elika Hedayat, Sabian Baumann; artistic contributions: Julien Calemard, Romuald Jandolo.

Roven is a critical magazine devoted to contemporary drawing, structured around numerous monographic and thematical texts, a portfolio by one emerging artist, some interviews, and a creative section of unpublished works.

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