God of Bug Eater - Japanese Flipbook


$19.95 $21.95

God of Bug Eater by Mohiken / ISBN 9784861524189 / Seigensha Art Publishing / This is one of the strangest and most wonderful paper creations I have ever seen.


A "Para Para" flipbook starring "a bug and a bug eater who are bound to each other in a strange chain of being—'You and I will always be together. Be one with me, and we’ll become a pretty-colored forest.'"

Mohiken, short for “Mou Hitotsu no Kenkyujo” or “The Other Workshop,” is the originator of Seigensha’s best-selling Para-Para Flipbooks series. The name of the group comes from the premise that the members belong to one of Santa’s workshops that keeps on making gifts too offbeat to get his stamp of approval.

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