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Peter Cook - Speculations / ISBN 9781911422396 / 208-page hardback art book, 10.5 x 10.5 inches, published by Circa Press in December 2022 / highly recommended!


This is the first book to document Peter Cook's drawings from student projects, in the 1950s, to work completed just days before going to press in 2022

Presents all of Peter Cook's iconic Archigram drawings

Commentaries from architects Frank Gehry, Toyo Ito, Thom Mayne and Peter Wilson place Cook in the Pantheon of great architectural visionaries

Peter Cook's distinctive drawings have captivated and inspired generations of designers. Freed from stylistic or functional conventions, his graphic speculations have redefined the language of architectural communication. Speculations spans Cook's entire career, presenting some 160 drawings that range from student projects in the 1950s, through Archigram, to new work completed shortly before going to press. Arranged chronologically, these drawings chart the course of what can now be seen as an enthralling architectural adventure. Cook's own observations about the nature of architecture and urbanism, and the concept of the buildable, are complemented by pieces from architects Frank Gehry, Toyo Ito, Thom Mayne and Peter Wilson.

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