Legalization Nation - Brian Box Brown

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Legalization Nation by Brian "Box" Brown / ISBN 9781942801627 / 160-page hardback collecting 156 comic strips, 8.75 x 6.25 inches, published in 2024


A collected print edition of the first three years of Legalization Nation, comics journalism focusing on cannabis legalization

Brown writes: "I began Legalization Nation in late 2020 after spending a year in the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Program. The problems with the market were myriad and obvious but there is very little coverage of this in mainstream or cannabis media. There's not a big appetite for critical, real world reporting from the grower/patient/consumer perspective. The media is focused on tax money, profits and celebrity brands. Legalization Nation focuses on the corruption and hypocrisy in our state cannabis legalization programs. The strip acts as a voice for people who care about cannabis but have little recourse to fix this sinking ship."


"How did a comic strip become a 'must-read' for anyone trying to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape of legal weed? Brian "Box" Brown's "Legalization Nation" artfully exposes the hypocrisy, corruption and injustices of corporate industry interests at the expense of medical patients and the long-existing community emerging from the underground. Brown's visual insights speak simple truths to power and act as the conscience of the true cannabis culture."--Danny Danko, Former Cultivation Editor High Times, Editor of Northeast Leaf Magazine

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