Obstreperous - Ted Greenwood

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Obstreperous by Ted Greenwood / ISBN 9781944860479 / 48-page hardback, 7.5 x 11.25 inches, newly reissued by Anthology Editions (with their usual high production values), originally from 1969 Australia


Almost every child has at some time made a kite. But few have ever made a kite with so much a mind of its own as Obstreperous. Though it was made in the normal way, with sticks and string and paper and rags, it did not fly in anything like a normal way. At first it didn’t fly at all because there was no wind. And then when the winds came, it dipped and bounced and created all sorts of problems for its maker. In the end, too, it had its way and left some people happy and some a little sad. An international treasure from the Australian countryside, 1969’s Obstreperous is one of author Ted Greenwood’s best-loved children’s books. Anthology is pleased to bring it back into print for the first time in generations.

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