Chirri & Chirra - In the Night

Kaya Doi


Chirri & Chirra - In the Night by Kaya Doi, translated by David Boyd / ISBN 9781592703845 / 40-page hardcover from Enchanted Lion Books


Chirri and Chirra frolic in the moonlight in the latest whimsical adventure of this much-beloved picture-book series from Japan.

With the light of their trusty bicycles and a glorious full moon illuminating the darkness, Chirri and Chirra go on a nighttime adventure, accompanied by their new cat friends. From fizzy full-moon drinks that give them cat ears and tails to sparkling flower necklaces that grant them access to a special night market, the inseparable duo enjoys all the dreamy treats that the Full Moon Festival has to offer, basking in the warmth and light of discovery, generosity, and friendship.

“Chirri and Chirra have another fantastical adventure in this latest installment of the Japanese series... The text is spare and descriptive, while the charming, softly focused illustrations add detail and dimension. Chirri and Chirra are game for adventures and trusting of the characters they meet. Nothing remotely frightening interferes; it is all pure, gentle magic, fantasy, and lively imagination throughout. Sweet, wonderful make-believe. More of this duo, please.” —Kirkus Reviews

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