Plexus No. 26



Plexus is a late 60s–early 70s illustrated French journal, an erotic offshoot of another publication, Planète. The text is usually printed in 2 colors and illustrated in black & white. They are around 170 pages, about 7" x 8". The text in French.

The copies I am selling are in Good condition, usually with some spine cracks and cover rubbing. It is not exceedingly hard-to-find, but usually you have to pay steep shipping from overseas for them, or pick them up in Canada (I did both, about 10 years ago).

Plexus is an intriguing mix of surreal-fantastic-psychedelic art, interviews with writers (Jacques Sternberg was the literary editor), Playboy-style comics and the occasional Popeye comic, science fiction stories, Gilles de Rais profiles, philosophy, and--though there are few traditional photo spreads--lots and lots of nudity. The earlier issues feature a full-color "pin up": an erotic work by an artist like Leonor Fini.

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