Sidewalk Sacrifice - Rich Browd

Blurring Books


Sidewalk Sacrifice by Rich Browd / ISBN 9781736156278 / 28 page paperback zine, edition of 170, risograph print with fluorescent ink, published by Blurring Books


Growing up in the 80’s, long before skateboarding was an Olympic sport, Rich Browd loved finding images of his favorite cartoon characters skating. They were printed on coffee mugs, appeared in comic books, featured in TV shows and could even be found on candy wrappers.

Sidewalk Sacrifice is a collection of Browd's 'cartoons that skate’ drawings and paintings referencing those found images from years ago. It also contains his own creations in which he forces popular cartoon characters onto skateboards through peer pressure and pen.

Sidewalk Sacrifice is part of Blurring Books' new series of Limited Slim Publications (LSPs).

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