The Magical World of Erni Cabat - 3 Book Combo

Great Impressions


Three books from the series "Erni Cabat's Magical World": Monsters (Cobblehill Books, 1992, 11  x 8.5 inches), Dinosaurs (Great Impressions, 1989, 12.25 x 9.25 inches), and Prehistoric Animals (Great Impressions, 1989, 12.25 x 9.25 inches).

I only have 3 sets available, and I cannot restock "Monsters." I'm also selling 2 sets of just "Dinosaurs" and "Prehistoric Animals." I hope to be able to keep "Prehistoric Animals" (by itself) in stock through the holidays.

I've had personal copies of all of Erni's books for many years, after reaching out to Erni's daughter June. I'm glad to be able to stock some of them at 50 Watts Books. These books are new, but they have been in storage since publication and show some minor signs of aging. "Monsters" has a cut corner on the inside dustjacket flap.


Award winning Artist Erni Cabat painted continually up until his death in 1994. He painted in 31 countries, and his work hangs in national and international collections. Erni's paintings are gouache (opaque watercolor) on paper. His wife was the incredible ceramicist Rose Cabat.

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