A Touch of Mistletoe

Barbara Comyns


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A Touch of Mistletoe by Barbara Comyns / ISBN 9781911547860 / 336-page paperback with flaps from Daunt Books (UK)


“Comyns’s world is weird and wonderful… (there’s) something uniquely original about her voice… A neglected genius.”—Lucy Scholes, Observer

Sisters Victoria and Blanche grow up in their grandfather's house in Warwickshire. It’s a secluded existence: their mother is a war widow with a thirst for port and sherry and their last governess leaves never to be replaced. When their grandfather dies, their mother replaces drink with housework and the girls plan their escape.

Blanche heads off to train as a model at a dubious institution in London. Vicky wants to study art but answers an ad leading her to Holland, where she tends a pack of miserable bull terriers. This is just the beginning of the sisters’ adventures which take them from the poverty of cooking eggs over a candle in their Mornington Crescent bedsit, to a wider bohemian world, as they encounter love and the fluctuating fortunes that come when you’re open to the strange twists life can take.

First published in 1967, A Touch of Mistletoe is a unique coming of age story that shows Barbara Comyns's inimitable voice at its best.

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