Golden Wings and Other Stories - William Morris

Solar Press


Golden Wings & Other Stories by William Morris / ISBN 9781739353230 / 203-page paperback published by Solar Press in the UK


Eight tales of romance, melodrama, and battle from England's master of fantasy.

From high-fantasy Arthurian melodramas to brutish tales of barbarian hordes, the stories contained within this volume are full of gallant knights, mysterious maidens, despot kings, evil queens, and moments of violence still shocking today.

Originally written for the Oxford & Cambridge Magazine when he was just 22, the stories in Golden Wings & Other Stories show Morris developing his voice and exploring the earliest versions of what came to be his trademark prose.

An acknowledged influence on both J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis, William Morris is regarded as the first true writer of high-fantasy in the English language.

(Also included in this collection are 3 essays and 5 poems contributed to the Oxford & Cambridge Magazine in 1856.)

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