Poem Strip - Dino Buzzati

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Poem Strip by Dino Buzzati / ISBN 9781590173237 / 224-page illustrated paperback from New York Review Books Classics / I featured this one on my website back in the day


"This is weird, wild, wonderful.... The images are surreal, sexy and frightening, and the text is both compelling and poetic. There are shades of Fellini, shades of Dickens, shades of the great Italian horror director Mario Bava. A beautiful book."-—Los Angeles Times

Featuring the Ashen Princess, the Line Inspector, trainloads of Devils, Trudy, Valentina, and the Talking Jacket, Poem Strip--a pathbreaking graphic novel from the 1960s—is a dark and alluring investigation into mysteries of love, lust, sex, and death by Dino Buzzati, a master of the Italian avant-garde.

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