Bark Bark Girl - Michael Furler

Peow Studio


Bark Bark Girl by Michael Furler / ISBN 9789187325465 / 204-page paperback with flaps, 6.75 x 9.75 inches, published by Peow Studio / 2-color printing


Jolanda is a high-schooler struggling and/or failing at math, until she has the bright idea to lose her dog (that she loves more than anything else in the world) on purpose to skip an important test. The plan actually works and she gets a few more days to study for the dreaded maths test, but now Jolanda has a bigger problem... where the FUCK is her dog?>:[

Every single page is a treat to look at and had ourselves constantly asking" Why have I never seen anything like this before"? It's amazing. Michael Furler does things nobody else has ever done before in comics and its fully pure joy to read this. Do yourself a favor and get the book :)

Bark Bark Girl is 204 pages long. The book is offset printed with two colors, black and "uranium green" (802U). The cover has french flaps and are also printed on the reverse side. Make sure to check out the extra details behind the flaps when you get the book. We also swapped out the yellow on the cover for a fluorescent yellow, it's a tiny detail but we like how it looks.

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