Behzad Golpaygany - Biography, Works And Activities

Nazar Publishing


Behzad Golpaygany - Biography, Works And Activities / ISBN 9786001523083 / 144-page paperback with flaps, 17 x 23 cm, illustrated throughout, from Nazar Publishing / text in Persian/English


Iranian graphic designer Béhzad Golpayegani (1938–1985) worked in 1970s for various journals and designed numerous book covers for Franklin Publications, a publisher of pocket-sized paperbacks. In those years he created a series entirely focused on typography, a first in the history of Iranian graphic design. His cover designs result from a deep fascination with the structure of letters and composition of words, and he often experimented with positive and negative spaces, playing with different scales and empty spaces. This book is the result of nearly two years of research on Golpayegani, a progressive designer whose work is now recognised as far ahead of its time.

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