Cat-Eyed Boy - The Perfect Edition, Vol. 1 - Kazuo Umezz

VIZ Media


Cat-Eyed Boy: The Perfect Edition, Vol. 1 by Kazuo Umezz / ISBN 9781974738854 / 544-page hardcover published in 2023 by VIZ Media


A deluxe hardcover edition of Kazuo Umezz's Eisner Award-nominated classic collection of horror stories featuring a strange cat-eyed boy, shunned by humans and demons alike.

Hated by humans and demons alike, Cat-Eyed Boy dwells in the shadows of the human world. Wherever he goes, disturbing tales of both men and monsters begin to unfurl.

From the mind of Kazuo Umezz, undisputed master of Japanese horror manga and creator of The Drifting Classroom and Orochi,comes Cat-Eyed Boy!This deluxe edition contains five classic horror stories featuring a mysterious and dangerous cat-eyed boy who lives among humans, comes from the world of demons, and is despised by both. In four morbid tales, he interacts with humans and monsters to often-devastating ends. Then, in a final story, Cat-Eyed Boy must decide where his true loyalties lie—or if he has any loyalties at all.

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