Circles of Stone - Weird Tales of Pagan Sites and Ancient Rites (light wear)

British Library Tales of the Weird

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Circles of Stone - Weird Tales of Pagan Sites and Ancient Rites, edited by Katy Soar / From the British Library's "Tales of the Weird" series, published in 2023 / ISBN 9780712354592 / 238-page paperback / light wear from inbound shipping


In the wood the grey stone rose from the grass, and she cried out and ran back in panicked terror. 'What a silly little girl,' the nurse had said. 'It's only the... stone.'

Standing stones, stone circles, tumps, barrows and ancient clearings still remain across the British Isles, and though their specific significance may be obscured by the passing of time, their strange allure and mysterious energy persist in our collective consciousness.

Assembled here in tribute to these relics of a lost age are accounts of terrifying spirits haunting Stonehenge itself, stories of awful fates for those who impose modernity on the sacred sites and grim tales in which unwitting trespassers into the eternal rites of pagan worship find themselves part of an enduring legacy of blood. To represent the breadth of the sub-genre, authors include Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood and Rosalie Muspratt alongside lesser-known writers from the periodicals and journals of the British Library collections.

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