Citéruine - Jerome Dubois

Editions Matiere


Citéruine by Jérôme Dubois, a wordless comic published by Éditions Matière (text in French) / ISBN 9782916383613 / 184-page paperback, about 6.75 x 9.5 inches, black and white


Google translation of the description: "Citéruine is a desolate city, emptied of its inhabitants, worn out by time and neglect - war? epidemic? genocide? collapse? ... It is the parallel reflection, the remainder or the nightmare of a possible city, of a large sprawling city without center or periphery, a post-industrial and overpopulated megalopolis which has or had for name Citéville. Both cities were drawn by Jérôme Dubois, both according to the same division, the same framing, the same fatal temporality. But where Citéville is teeming with stupid turpitudes, feeds on its waste and ensures the reproduction of the human monsters who built it, Citéruine erects its giblets, calmly lets its skeleton sparkle under the hard neon lights that remain. Having got rid of its occupants or having been abandoned by them, whatever, having given up all hope, Citéruine left its poor status as a setting. It is from now on landscape, and animated landscape: its outlines and its places take up the torch of the narration, replay the urban comedy for themselves, and turn in the night, devoured by the fire."

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