Dang Olsen Dream Tarot

Dang Olsen


Dang Olsen Dream Tarot, 78 cards + guidebook / printed by Shuffled Ink

Olsen says: "I am very interested in using the tarot as a tool for self alchemy and I felt like illustrating a deck was a great way to immerse myself in that zone. Some other related fields of study I’ve dabbled in over the years include, lucid dreaming, astral projection, fasting, folk medicine, Wim Hof breathing, hypnosis, moving chi, meta-programming, microdosing, macrodosing, heroic dosing, hyperspace, magik. I’ve spent over 100 hours floating in a sensory deprivation tank. I’ve been a practioner of Transcendental Meditation for 20+ years and also practice stoned yoga regularly. All of this was instrumental in the crafting of this deck."

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