DCXXXL - Michael Olivo

Cold Cube Press


DCXXXL by Michael Olivo / small 144-page paperback, 5.25 x 7 inches, published by Cold Cube Press / 3-color risograph printing, gold foil cover / new copies but minor wear (because this is not a mass-produced object).


In this mysterious four part comic, Michael Olivo weaves in a tried and true gritty crime story - a team of detectives investigating a murder - with Jack Kirby's over-the-top melodramatic prose, Catholic bullshittery, and all-out psychedelic brain spasms. Three detectives are summoned from inside the earth to investigate a murder, only to find that their own precinct has become a sentient entity, waging a war on nature itself. Or something like that. Either way, they get sent to the moon. A truly strange and captivating book.

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