Dorothy - Takahiro Murahashi

Elvis Press


Dorothy, a collection of works by collage artist Takahiro Murahashi, published by Elvis Press in Japan / a small 96-page hardcover, 6 x 8.5 inches, with black-and-white & tipped-in color images

This is exactly the kind of book I hoped to carry when I started 50 Watts Books.


Publisher description: "In the past, Murahashi has used the technique of collage to create two-dimensional works that resemble abstract sculptures. In this work, DOROTHY, by adding more figurative elements and composition, he has created a mysterious work that seems to move between fiction and reality. These strange forms, which look like artifacts of some species, idols, super-ancient orphans, or creatures from the future, remind us of sacred beings that are worshipped in our daily lives and in the religious world."

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