Dreamland Japan - Writings on Modern Manga - Frederik L. Schodt

Stone Bridge Press

$26.95 $29.95

Dreamland Japan: Writings on Modern Manga by Frederik L. Schodt / ISBN 9781933330952 / 375-page hardback published by Stone Bridge Press / new copies with light bumps to corners from inbound shipping


This landmark book, first published at the height of the manga boom, is offered in a hardcover collector's edition with a new foreword and afterword. Frederik L. Schodt looks at the classic publications and artists who created modern manga, including the magazines Big Comics and Morning, and artists like Suehiro Maruo and Shigeru Mizuki; an entire chapter is devoted to Osamu Tezuka. The new afterword shows how manga have evolved in the past decade to transform global visual culture.

Frederik L. Schodt, based in San Francisco, is fluent in Japanese and author of many works about Japan.

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