Encyclopaedia of Hell II - The Conquest of Heaven - Martin Olson

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Encyclopaedia of Hell II: The Conquest of Heaven, illustrated by Tony Millionaire and Mahendra Singh / ISBN 9781627311113 / a 230-page paperback from Feral House


"And so, finally, we come to one of the funniest books of all time, a book peculiarly suited for the coming apocalypse in that it probably describes how the end is likely to play out. Like its predecessor, Encyclopedia of Hell, The Conquest of Heaven is impossible to categorize, except as a comedic literary masterpiece that must be savored, page by page. It's an examination, through bombastic letters, emails, drawings, folk tales and court depositions, of a vast mega-battle for the control of the universe. Think of it as Paradise Lost meets The Office on LSD." - Geoffrey James, INC. Magazine

"This encyclopedia is a blisteringly subversive book filled with illustrated definitions in the vein of Ambrose Bierce. Written as if Satan himself was the author, the definitions reveal a dim view of humanity. (Justice: Superstition of humans oppressed by the billionaires who own them. Robot: From the corporate viewpoint, the ideal human being. Soldier: A target made of flesh.) The book is lushly designed by Sean Tejaratchi." -- Mark Frauenfelder ― bOingBoing

“Written by a man whose mind has an extra dimension.” — Steven Wright, comedian

Behold it all in Encyclopaedia of Hell II, a disgraceful tour de force of literary Blasphemy! Pickled with paradoxy, puzzles and paranoia, herein lie terrible cosmic secrets stolen from God’s Library, including the mystery of why God created Satan, never mind mosquitoes, cellulite and murder hornets. Martin Olson’s savage wit provides the firepower for a preposterous literary feat unaccomplished since Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce passed―channeling the real voice of Satan. As a satirist, Olson has inflicted numerous comedy series on the populace via HBO, CBS, Showtime, Comedy Central, Disney, and FX. He has most infamously appeared as the Lord of Evil (Hunson Abadeer, father of Marceline the Vampire Queen) on the Cartoon Network series ADVENTURE TIME.

Coming someday to a film palace near you: Encyclopaedia of Hell--The Movie! The pernicious production rights have been most evilly obtained by the creative demons at Warner Brothers.

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