Freddy Carrasco


GLEEM: A selection of spectacular short stories written & illustrated by Freddy Carrasco, published by Peow Studio / 215 page paperback with jacket, 6 x 8.25 inches / b/w with some pages in full color / cool spot printing on the cover (& high production values all around) / this was unavailable for a long time but Peow found some warehouse copies of the 2020 printing


2020 Ignatz Award winner for Outstanding Collection 

2020 Doug Wright Award winner for Best Small- or Micro-press Book

The steely coolness of humanity, the loneliness of the masses, and the comfort found in solitude. It blinds and reveals, hurts and heals. Brace yourself for what you’ll find on the other side of . . . Gleem. Freddy Carrasco brings a new world to life in this collection of three stories ("Born Again," "Swing," and "Hard Body") that are science fiction, but not really. 

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