Hanuman Editions Series One Box Set

Hanuman Editions


Hanuman Editions Series One Box Set

I also may have some of the individual volumes available.


Hanuman says: "While all titles are available individually, we have produced a special box set for our inaugural series, featuring all six titles. Only 300 will be produced, 75 in each of four colors: Azure Blue, Candy Pink, Turquoise, and Emerald. Each box will be hand-numbered, and while we intend to keep all of the titles in print, this will be the only production of this particular set."

Featured Titles

The Ice Storm by John Ashbery

On My Painting by Max Beckmann

Feminine Hijinx by Dodie Bellamy

Bread and Water by Eileen Myles

Garden of Ashes by Cookie Mueller

The Lie of the Truth by René Daumal

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