Harry Clarke - An Imaginative Genius in Illustrations and Stained-glass Arts - Hiroshi Unno

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Harry Clarke: An Imaginative Genius in Illustrations and Stained-glass Arts by Hiroshi Unno / ISBN 9784756245090 / A 288-page paperback, about 7.5 x 10 inches, from the publisher PIE International / Bilingual Japanese/English

This one has a cool reflective finish on the cover, making it feel like a great gift book.


Harry Clarke was an Irish stained-glass artist and book illustrator. Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1889, he studied stained-glass at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and created a number of great works throughout his life. In 1913, he moved to London to work as a book illustrator. His first printed work appears in Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales featuring more than 40 of his illustrations. His next publication, Edgar Allan Poe's Tale of Mystery and Imagination, made Harry famous. Despite his short life of only 42 years, he left an expansive legacy of illustration and stained-glass artwork that inspires us still today.

As the one-and-only comprehensive collection of Harry Clarke's complete works, this gorgeous full-color book showcases them with beautiful prints. It is a must-have book, to be treasured by fans of "The Golden Age of Illustration," and illustration students alike. Detailed captions are provided in Japanese, with some English.

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