Hasta que el sol estalle - Apolo Cacho

Club del Prado


Hasta que el sol estalle by Apolo Cacho / 96-page risograph book, 7.89 x 11 inches. Published by Club del Prado / text is in Spanish, but the book is 95% images

Apolo Cacho seems like he'll be a legend someday (soon). This new book is killer (the images you see here are details I scanned from the book).


About the artist: "I’m from Mexico City, since 2011 I self-published my work through photocopies and low cost printing systems, developing an activity that covers painting, comic books and drawing. I made a residence at La Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France, in 2014, where I worked on a project based on the violent events that took place in my country. In 2018 I continued my work in Tokyo, Japan under the guidance of mangaka Shiriagari Kotobuki."

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