Henryk Tomaszewski

Bosz Publishing (Poland)


Henryk Tomaszewski, a Polish-language art book on this important graphic designer / ISBN 9788375762228 / big 365-page hardcover, 9.75 x 12 inches, published by Bosz. Hundreds of images / New books but with some light shelfwear, minor dirt on the white matte binding


Read about Tomaszewski at culture.pl: "One of the finest poster and graphic artists in the world, an illustrator and teacher, pioneer of the Polish poster school. Born June, 10, 1914, in Warsaw; died September 11, 2005, in Warsaw. The strength of his graphic works lies in a simple and intelligent translation of messages and symbols from literary, theatrical, film, music and social themes into a visual language. He himself admitted 'a lifetime search for such signs which would be comprehensible to everyone'."

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