J & K (hardback) - John Pham



J & K by John Pham / ISBN 9781683962229 / 144-page hardback, 7 x 9 inches, published by Fantagraphics


"Slightly crushing, deeply satisfying, a testament to the power of comics in print."― Comics Beat

The story of two idiots trying to navigate the modern world, told in comics, posters, stickers, and even a little vinyl record!

These simple-seeming comics stories weave in and out, with unexpectedly sad twists and hilarious turns; imagine Seinfeld mixed with Peanuts. J & K is also a singular art object unto itself. As Jay and Kay routinely reference pop culture, these cute, sad little artifacts are made real in the collection and will be included as separate extras and inserts. Pham combines his a gorgeous, big-foot cartooning and brilliant use of color with his innate grasp of printing, packaging, and graphic design. This book calls to mind the work of Chris Ware while completely staking out new ground in contemporary art. Full-color illustrations throughout.

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