Jessica Farm vol. 1 (discounted)

Josh Simmons

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Jessica Farm vol. 1 by Josh Simmons / 96-page paperback published by Fantagraphics / ISBN 9781606999233 / discounted copies with a remainder mark and some warehouse scuffing/dirt


The first volume of critically acclaimed cartoonist Josh Simmons’s lifelong page-a-month series. Jessica Farm fuses serialized adventure, fantasy and psychological horror and stamps it with Josh Simmon’s signature macabre sensibility. Like a Lynchian take on Alice in Wonderland,Jessica Farm opens with an exterior of what could be any Midwestern farmhouse. Once inside, we track our titular heroine as she bounds out of bed on Christmas and goes about her morning routine, eventually breakfasting with her grandparents. The banality of the situation is subverted by a ratcheting sense of dread, as we discover that Jessica’s increasingly nightmarish house is filled with creatures around every corner: some whimsical, some sexual, some despairing and some malevolent. Most terrifying of all is Jessica’s father, whose promise of presents under the tree is loaded with the threat of violence. Black & white illustrations throughout

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