Kris Kool



Kris Kool by Philippe Caza / First English translation / a really nice production from Passenger Press in Italy, 96 pages, 8.25 x 11 inches.


"Kris Kool has known the sumptuous vertigo of diving among dying asteroids...
... got into a fight in almost all the inns in the universe...
... and he loved beautiful and dangerous women!
This time he accepted a job that perhaps he shouldn't have...
... and now he is shipwrecked on an planet unknown to him...
... Will he be able to find his way back?"

Find it out by reading KRIS KOOL: the first pop-psychedelic graphic novel by the French SF comics master Caza, in a completely restored and recolored version, in English, 50 years after its first and only original French edition.

It is with enormous pride that Passenger Press finally presents the long-awaited - and completely remastered - English edition of "KRIS KOOL", sporting new and sparkling colours and an equally new modern graphic design, respectful of the original choices of the author.

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