La Faune de Mars - Moebius

Moebius Productions


La Faune de Mars by Moebius / A fantasy notebook of animals found on Mars. This nicely-made hardback collection (about 6 x 8.5 inches) is published by the artist's estate. The text is in French, but the book consists mostly of images.


A new larger format, expanded edition of the 2011 limited edition sketchbook. This new edition is two inches wider and taller than the 2011 edition and adds 16 pages of color illustrations.

"Everyone now knows that the planet Mars is barren. Robots, equipped with small remote-controlled shovels, are being sent there at great expense, and they are stubbornly digging the soil in the hope of discovering fossils curled up with ancient bacteria.

"I found it simpler and less expensive in terms of technological investment to grab a blank notebook and let the pen run on paper, a dreamy and random stroke. Of course, this method of another age is far from providing the scientific guarantees that are required in any official communication, and I did not even try to get an article in Sciences & Vie...This notebook exists however, and the strange creatures that populate its pages exist with him and in him."--Le Major - alias Moebius

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