Lagon Revue - Pluie

Lagon Revue


Lagon Revue #7 - Pluie, artists selected by Sammy Stein / 2024 anthology, limited stock / 312 page, 7.87 x 11 inch paperback "printed offset with 9 colors on different papers including neon and metallic inks" / screenprinted back cover / English and French + translation booklet


Marie Quéau, Margot Ferrick, Margaux Duseigneur, Séverine Bascouert, Karl Nawrot, Hendrik Hegray, Amelie von Wulffen, Nayel Zeaiter, Pauline Lecerf, Flore Chemin & Damien Chemin, Gaspard Laurent, Mattis Dovier, Tim Ng Tvedt, Oriane Brunat, Rudy Guedj, Katsutoshi Kuroda, François De Jonge, Joe Kessler, Louka Butzbach, CF, Leomi Sadler, Melek Zertal, Son Ni & Chihoi, Audrey Danet, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Richard Short, Anna Haifisch, Acacio Ortas, Yu Nishimura, Sammy Stein

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