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Lazlo Parker by MoebiusISBN 9782908766288 / a hardcover art book published in 2021 by Moebius Productions in France / 6.25 x 8.25 inches


This new book collects Moebius' abstract paintings and drawings. It's a rarely seen side of his oeuvre. Some of his abstracts have been published in the books Chaos, Moebius Transe Forme, the German Moebius exhibition catalogue, and the exceedingly rare Quatre-Vingt Huit.

This book is mostly art, with a few poems (7 pages of text, in French). Comes with an ex-libris.


Who is Lazlo Parker? He is an obscure artist, rising from the depths of the Moebiusian subconscious, he is an expert in mecanico-organic shapes, a compulsive obsessive drawer, an amateur poet...

"The objective was to create shapes showing nothing in particular, but inhabited and fed by a powerful and unbridled sense of representation, light, shade, forms, perspective, and expertise."

Legendary French cartoonist Jean Giraud Moebius was a multi-faceted artist who left a deep impact on the minds of people all around the world. His most read and re-read stories feature the characters of: Blueberry, which Giraud signed Gir; Arzak from the eponymous work; Major Grubert from the Airtight Garage; Stel and Atan from the World of Edena; John Difool from the Incal; or Moebius himself from Inside Moebius, his autofictional graphic novel.

Beyond the figurative representations that built his success, Moebius was interested in more abstract forms, hybrid creations alluding to both the unpredictable logic of nature and the regular workings of the machine. Lazlo Parker is the alias inhabiting one of the notebooks in which Moebius experimented with this unexpected style, creating new and intriguing forms, further widening his vast range of expression.

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