Loto - Alexis Beauclair

Editions Matiere


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LOTO by Alexis Beauclair, a wordless abstract comic published by Éditions Matière (there is also a translation of a little description of the contents) / ISBN 9782916383583 / 102-page paperback, about 5.75 x 8.25 inches, black and white and purple


Google translation of the publisher copy: "'What if I did only what I like most in comics: compose spaces?' Conceiving LOTO from this reflection, in other words freely creating a free work, Alexis Beauclair broke away from the heaviness of the medium (characters, subject, story: all the anecdotal paraphernalia ...) to explore its intimate side, the infrastructure, logic, physical, material laws. In twelve short chapters, LOTO painstakingly describes a series of actions featuring circles, squares, angles in a geometric, almost typographic universe. These minimal but concrete actions (falling, crossing an obstacle, rolling)...engage in the language of comics as much as they do explore and bring it to light."

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