Menace of the Monster - Classic Tales of Creatures from Beyond

British Library


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Menace of the Monster - Classic Tales of Creatures from Beyond, edited by Mike Ashley / From the British Library's "Science Fiction Classics" series / ISBN 9780712352697 / 364-page paperback


The fact that humanity is not alone in the universe has long preoccupied our thoughts.

In this compelling new collection of short stories from SF's classic age our visions of 'other' are shown in a myriad of forms - beings from other worlds, corrupted lifeforms from our own planet and entities from unimaginable dimensions.

Amongst these tales, the humble ant becomes humanity's greatest foe, a sailor awakes in a hellish landscape terrified by a monstrous creature from the deep, an extra-terrestrial apocalypse devastates our world but also brings us together, and our race becomes the unwitting agent of another species' survival. Be prepared to face your greatest fears and relinquish your hold on reality as you confront the menace of the monster.

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