Misty - 45 Years of Fear, The Essential Collection



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Misty - 45 Years of Fear, The Essential Collection / ISBN 9781786187994 / 272-page hardback published in 2023 by Rebellion


Gothic horror, startling science fiction and the occult collide in this essential collection of cult British comics classic Misty!

"The most peculiar, imaginative and challenging work in British comics " -The New Statesman

In 1978 British comics were changed forever with the release of Misty, the classic cult horror comic for girls. Masterminded by Pat Mills, the original editor of 2000 AD, this weekly comic featured the best comics talent working on haunting, terrifying tales. From high 70s glamour to chilling stories that have haunted readers for decades, this Essential Collection curates the creepiest, campest Misty serials and short stories alongside critical essays, in a volume perfect for readers old and new.

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